Lake Navigation

Updated April 2022 – supersedes all previous versions
1. The boating pattern on the lakes is Counter Clockwise. In other words, stay right towards the shoreline.
2. Slower boats should keep right, closer to the shoreline. Passing boats should keep left when possible.
3. All boats shall circle the islands in a counter clockwise direction, within 100 feet of the islands, with the exception of the south east island which is less than 100 feet.
4. All boats shall keep a safe distance from anchored boats, including docked boats.
5. If you are anchored and enjoying the water, please do that in an area that does not impede boating traffic, such as in the middle of the lake versus the traffic pattern.
6. If you are anchored in Sandbar Bay, please realize that you are very close to the back yards of those living on that bay. Be respectful to your neighbors. Sounds magnify as they travel over water.