Boat Registration&Launching

Updated April 2023 – supersedes all previous versions
2023 Boating Launch Sign Up Link (click here).  

Please add to your contacts as all boat communication will come through this email.
If you have a question about signing up or need to schedule a time outside of this calendar please call Marcy Godesa (971-217-0624).
Before launching, all boats must have:
1. A current State of Michigan registration sticker and MC numbers installed (if applicable).
2. The property owner's lot number, posted on both sides of all boats including canoes, kayaks, etc.. Residents must provide their own stick-on numbers (stickers must be contrasting color and 3 inches high minimum).
     A. Condo site lots will have a C prefix (due to duplicate lot numbers)
3. A Twin Lakes sticker on all boats including paddleboats, canoes and kayaks. The stickers should be placed on both sides of the motor for power boats. (Contact Boat Launch Coordinator for stickers.)
4. Homeowners Association dues must be current to launch boats.
  • For April launching, dues must be paid by March 31st
  • For May launching, dues must be paid by April 30th
  • For June launching, dues must be paid by May 31st
  • No payments will be accepted at the boat launch dock
5. A completed Watercraft registration form.  Found here.  This form must be completed each year you have new registration stickers or you are launching a boat new to Tull Lake.
6. Finally, this GoogleForm (here) must be completed to acknowledge your understanding and following of the Lake and Boating Rules. 
Failure to do any of the above will result in a loss of your launch time and will require you to reschedule.  
The launch restriction is linked to the lot number; no boat/pontoon may be launched under a different name that would be docked at your address/lot number.
Boats owned ONLY by property owners (no partnerships) shall be allowed on Tull Lake #1 or #2.
Boat Launching Safety
For your own safety, the TLIA & TLVA boards stress the following:
1. Do not stand or walk on the ramp below the water line because the algae makes it very slippery.
2. Do not stand behind the boat when the towing driver is backing the boat into the water because the driver cannot see you.
3. Be cautious when climbing into your boat on the ramp. Boat trailers are not designed for easy access to your boat from the ground.
4. Use common sense! Accidents can happen in an instant but their consequences can last a lifetime.
Launching of powerboats at the Community Beaches is PROHIBITED.  The launching site is at the South end of Tull Lake #2, near the water pump.   There is no subdivision launch or public access provided for Tull Lake #1 (small lake).