Fishing Information

New DNR regulations prohibit releasing bait fish into the lake.  Pack out all bait fish to help prevent the spread of invasive species.
To help establish a strong and balanced ecology of fish life, we periodically restock Tull Lakes. The restocking has included northern pike, walleye, perch, hybrid bluegill and feeder fish.
It takes time for Gamefish to mature. To protect our investment of the restocking and to help ensure the success that these fish will breed, the following guidelines have been adopted.
Fishing Guidelines
  • Fishing is for residents and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied by a resident when fishing.
  • Do not sit on Well Pumps
  • No Pike or walleye are to be kept or killed before the opening of the spring season each year. Catch and release is required for all pike less than 25 inches and all walleye less than 15 inches thereafter.
  • Because of the "catch and release" guidelines and the potential loss of fish, we are limiting the use of treble hooks which can result in severe mouth damage and injury when used with live bait. Please only use single hooks when fishing with live bait.

*This is a brief overview; it is your responsibility to research and understand the Michigan Fishing Rules and regulations.*
It is up to all of us, as residents, to enforce and maintain the integrity of these guidelines. Please be self-regulating to guarantee good fishing in our lake for many years to come.
Today's catch: use good fish sense - catch and release fish with hooks stuck in their mouth's have a better chance of survival if the hook is left in their mouth. Rather than ripping out a hook, please cut your line. A fish’s digestive system will dissolve the hook naturally.
De-barbed hooks and single hooks add to the challenge of the sport. For better survival of our catch and release fish consider these before using barbed treble hooks.
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