About TLVA Site Condos

The Twin Lakes Village Association (TLVA) conceptual plans for the Twin Lakes Village Site Condos began in 1987.  Construction began in 1988.  The Site Condos are made up of 144 units. The Twin Lakes Village Association (TLVA) is a Deed Restricted Community governed by a Master Deed and Bylaws and was developed as a "Site Condo Community" that is technically one large platte of land created by the Master Deed, that has been divided into "Units" which is governed by the Michigan Condominium Act (at the time and still being used today it was and still is a less expensive and more efficient means for development of subdivision communities).  TLVA was built in four (4) phases.  The TLVA section of the Twin Lakes Village Subdivision, pay an assessment (HOA Dues Bi-Annually) to both TLIA and TLVA and belong to both HOA's.  The assessment (HOA Dues) is collected by the TLVA and paid by the TLVA to the TLIA. Failure to pay the Bi-Annual assessment (HOA Dues) could result in a lien being placed on the home and quite possibly a foreclosure action.