Lake Rules

Updated April 2023 – supersedes all previous versions
All safety rules for this lake are as listed in the Michigan Boater’s Guide. You may obtain this brochure through the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. Following is an additional list of Tull Lake #2 Safety Rules. 
1. All watercraft shall adhere to the Michigan Boating Rules & Regulations. DNR - Rules & Regulations (
2. All boats MUST be identified by your lot number (minimum size to be 3 inches high and contrasting color), current TLV decals and MC #’s (if applicable). These are to be displayed on both the port and starboard side of your boat. All boats MUST be registered with the TLIA board of directors before they may be launched. Registration form is on website and should be submitted to boat launch coordinator.
3. NO personal watercraft, jet propelled boats, inboard or inboard/outboard motors shall be permitted on the lake at any time.
4. Due to the size of the lake, maximum speed will be 35 M.P.H.
5. Launching of power boats at Kelly Beach is PROHIBITED. The only launching site for power boats is at the South end of Tull Lake #2, near the river pump.
6. All boats must be operated in Counterclockwise rotation only.
7. Powerboats shall stay 100’ distance from sailboats, canoes, rowboats, paddle boats, paddle boards, kayaks and anchored fishing boats.
8. Boats shall stay at least 150’ distance from other skiers or tubers. NO boat shall follow directly behind a skier or tuber.
9. All boats towing skiers or tubers must have a responsible observer in the boat in addition to the driver. Observer must be able to communicate that the skier or tuber is down.
10. Skiing and tubing will be allowed only in the big part of the lake. The narrow Eastern part may only be used for starting and ending your ski run for the people who live in that area. Skiers must be dropped without circling the South East island area of Tull Lake #2.
11. NO boat shall pull more than two skiers or two tubes on Tull Lake #2.
12. Skiers and tubers must wear a safety vest or life jacket when skiing or tubing.
13. The islands on Tull Lake #2 shall NOT be used as a take-off or drop-off point for skiers.
14. All skiers are responsible for skis in the water. Extreme caution must be used when kicking off skis. Skiers must kick skis off near shorelines or in a safe place.
15. Michigan State law requires that all boats (including kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, paddle boards, etc.) must have the proper number of life preservers according to passengers in the boat. CHILDREN 6 YEARS OR UNDER MUST WEAR A LIFE PRESERVER.
16. Any scuba diving or underwater swimming shall be supervised by a surface craft and be identified by the appropriate warning flags.
17. All coves (bays) in Tull Lake #2 will have a 5-mile per hour speed limit (no wake). See map on page 6.
18. NO wake (5-mile per hour) between the islands.
19. NO water sports or high speed boating are permitted before 10:00 am or after 8:30 pm.
20. NO boats shall be used after dark without proper lighting and shall be limited to a speed not to exceed 10 miles per hour. Unpowered vessels must have at least one lantern or flashlight shining a white light at all times while in use. Docking lights may not be used in lieu of navigation lights.
21. Long distance swimmers should use extreme caution and follow the shoreline unless accompanied by a boat. NO swimming to and from the islands when skiers or tubers are present.
22. Operation of your boat by visitors shall be the responsibility of the resident or lot owner. The resident is responsible for all boat activities & rules.
23. Boat racing or other water shows of any type, shall require authorization by the Twin Lakes Improvement Association board of directors.
24. Swimming rafts shall be anchored so as not to obstruct clear passage of boat traffic and no further than 25 ft. from shoreline to the farthest part of any raft. (Exceptions must have written approval from the TLIA board of directors). All rafts must be removed to the shore from the lake during winter months.
25. NO boat shall pass between an anchored raft and the shoreline except in Wacko Bay. All rafts MUST be removed to the shore from the lake during the winter months. (TLVA homes may not have anchored swim rafts due to TLVA deed restrictions).
26. NO diving from boats. Our lake is quite shallow in some areas and there are many underwater obstacles (stumps, boulders, etc.).
27. Michigan State law requires that boaters under 16 years of age must meet certain requirements to operate a boat with a motor larger than 6 horsepower. Children 12-16 years of age must possess a boating safety course certificate or be directly supervised by someone at least 16 years of age or older. Children are allowed to drive boats at the age of 12 but are required by law to take the boaters’ safety course and have a permit.
28. Use caution when refueling – use of siphon suggested.
29. Riding on the Bow, Gunwales or Transom is NOT ALLOWED when boat is in motion. This includes the front and rear decks of pontoon boats.
30. Temporary Swim buoys are limited to 25 feet distance from the shore and are not to be left out more than 5 days.
31. Floating decorations including lighted buoys must be approved in advance by the board of directors.
Lake Rules for winter activities are in process and will be published in the fall of 2022